#1 Best Bus Movies from OurBus- The Big Bus

The Big Bus was an American comedy film released in 1976. This was the time when spoofs were pretty famous and this turned out to be a spoof as well.

The bus featured in this film is quite entertaining. The film starred Stockard Channing and Joseph Bologna. The director was James Frawley. It was a sci-fi nuclear powered bus named, of all things, Cyclops! And good old Cyclops takes its debutante trip on a cross-country affair. The film as such did not do great but somehow amongst sci-fi goers it has received a cult status.

It is interesting to NYC commuters since the wonderful state-of-the-art jumbo bus, was built to facilitate a man to achieve new milestones in the bus area. To create a non-stop service between NYC and Denver. I can’t imagine how that would span out.

Cyclops is powered by nuclear fuel and in spite of a bomb ripping a part of it, it stays undamaged. Another bomb is quickly dismantled and the driver and co-driver is lost and yet to races across the country.

It cracked me up, just for the fact that it has a supercool bus. I am sure you would like it to! And in case you want normal bus rides. OurBus is at your service. Don’t forget to book your tickets today, otherwise Cyclops is going to get upset about it!

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