#1 Holiday Habits for OurBus commuters- To Eat together

Holiday rituals exist for a reason. No not to annoy you and not for Grandma to prove she was right. Certainly not for your kids to drive you crazy. But to realize the value of truly important things in life.

We are social creatures and most of us have families either related by blood or friends who are like family. Some of us have extended families of co-workers where they spend most time at work.  OurBus has its extended family of commuters whom the team ends up meeting every day.

As the adage goes, the family that eats together, stays together. While modern lifestyles, gadgets, routines and long working and commuting hours make it impossible for everyone to sit down at a nice long dining table with a fireplace crackling in the background, holidays are precisely meant for this kind of dining. Slow long, peaceful dining where one gets to start by sharing stories, exchanging tit-bits about their day, their year, share dishes, pass along the dishes over a nice long table and be truly present in a conversation instead of stocking up over digital gadgets. In fact, I eat while watching Netflix. I get so tired that I just flop myself on the couch and watch Netflix which de-stresses me while eating but that is not how I grew up and that is not how I eat when I meet my folks. We sit around a table. We use spoons and forks and we talk to each, other and we look at each other, we pay attention and share jokes. We wait for everyone to finish. That is a true holiday dinner. Cherish this with you family. You could share snack with your OurBus commuters too though!

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