#1 Renew Resolutions- list from OurBus- To stick to a habit

One of the most profound and significant changes you could make to your life would be the resolve to pick any good habit and stick to it. It is a major bucket of resolutions. Resolutions like following a diet, losing weight, trying to change behavior and so forth, all fall under the category of sticking to a habit.

Science tells us that it takes roughly 21 days to form a habit. Even then it is not etched in stone. People break habits from time to time. However the discipline and techniques that one should learn, to stick to a habit, merely stick not even master would be great learnings. That is because excellence is not just about the intensity of how hard we try, it is in the sustainability. Nature shows us that heavy forces which are delivered once may not be as effective as a slow and steady force such as a tiny stream that can carve out a canyon. It is important to learn this technique of how to pick a habit, how to stick to it, how to create a routine that works around your natural pit falls and yet lets you stick to the habit.

This one resolution if  successfully achieved will take you a very long way. They key is to keep trying till you get it. And while you form good habits, do remember to make a habit to book your tickets on OurBus.

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