#1 Superfood for better commuter health from Ourbus

Celery- that is right! These sticks boost your cardio and crunches.

Long commutes can be exhausting and can take the greatest toll on your health. It is critical to be well-planned and focus on the right levels of nutrition to enable your well-being. However, we also know long commuters have a huge crunch for time! That is where super foods help. They are easy, quick and fulfill your much required nutritional crunch to accelerate your well-being journey.

Celery is rich in organic nutritional value and nitrates. Nutritionist recommend to up your celery intake, so that this nitrate can be converted into nitric oxide (NO), a molecule involved in the regulation of several biological processes.

Celery can also enable significant increase in blood and oxygen delivery to the muscles.

If you are cyclist or even a runner, nibbling on few sticks before a race can have positive impact. For commuters, nibble on some celery sticks in your long trips.

The high nitrate levels (250mg per 100g) are similar to the much demanded beetroot — but with but have none of the disagreeable side-affects.

If you exercise regularly, the ability to produce NO appears to be linked to increased blood and oxygen delivery to muscles, as well as more efficient muscle contraction. This combination, with similar effects can lead to improved performance.

To make it easy you can have celery stick with tuna salad and sauces. We at OurBus take your health and well-being very seriously and hence do chomp on super foods and do not forget to book your tickets at OurBus today!

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