#1 Ways OurBus is different – We actually listen to you…

As an average consumer in crowded NYC, one interfaces with multiple brands. Many meet your expectations, some don’t. But some become a part of your lives like extended family. They do it because you cannot image a day without them!!

And they do it effortlessly. You find those services convenient which move according to your convenience. Which help you save time. To feel good. To feel comfortable. Imagine if you were a night owl who hated early morning commutes and that extra five minute walk to a bus stop two blocks away is a spirit dampener. Because we know that even two minutes are precious in the hurried morning routines and they either make or break your day. And that is why OurBus likes to listen to commuters and our customers like you. We do not assume we know what is best for you. Rather we listen to what you tell us and what is convenient for you.

We are the only bus service provider in your area who crowdsource routes from their customers.  Unlike other bus companies, we launch routes on the basis of requests from customers and are “responsive” to their demand.

In fact, we came up with the idea to launch in San Francisco because of a frustrated commuter who requested to start a route between Pleasanton and San Francisco. Within 3 days he was able to mobilize support from over 100 people. We realized that many of our commuters wanted this route and we made it happen within 30 days of receiving the request.

We also launched our Livingston commuter route based on requests received from customers on Facebook. Do you have a route in mind that would be convenient for you? Would you want to add an extra stop close to your home? Write to us today. We are listening!

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