#2 Holiday Habits for OurBus commuters- To tolerate each other

Every family- functional or dysfunctional has its own quirks. IT has its own funny weird people. And it certainly has its touchy points. But the truth is families seem to get along though all this dysfunctionality in a way that best performing teams don’t. Alright I get it, people in teams don’t actually share memories, blood, heritage or common relatives. That is exactly why we need to make space for family.


They say blood runs thicker than water and the meaning really means that true families-whether by blood or by love look out for each other. And more importantly one should be aware that people do get on each other’s nerves a lot of times. After all familiarity breeds contempt. And humans come with their set of prepackaged flaws. But it is important to start kindness as an example, a practice, a self-test and as a gift to a fellow family members. To start accepting and tolerating their little quirks. C’mon who hasn’t shared a bed/blanket with a sibling while growing up. Just because we adults come with a defined concept of personal space and boundaries, is it so hard to crash on the couch for one-day coz your brother is visiting and he feels more comfortable on the bed? One doesn’t expect to always adjust for little acts of kindness to let people be who they are go a long way in increasing the practice of tolerance starting right at home.

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