#2 Renew Resolutions- list from OurBus- To Contribute

The world is a beautiful place and it comes bearing gifts. There is so much to take and so much that comes with no entitlement and yet up for grabs that sometimes we assume this is the de-facto model. Clean air, beautiful nature, animals to love, good weather, palatable food and the ability to afford this. And this is precisely why the resolution number two should be to give back.

Now when I say contribute, I don’t just mean in terms of voluntary basis of payback for all that you are blessed with. Contribution is really a form of action to own up to everything your resolve for. We as adults wish for any things but sometimes do not actually act with force. You wish you were rich but you are too lazy to read up on investments. You would just switch jobs and expect money earned to automatically turn into investments. NO. That would’nt work. Contribution starts at home and with personal responsibility. This new year resolve to contribute to any action, idea or wish-list before you question it or walk away from it. Once you contribute then things would change. If they still haven’t well then very well take action.

As we speak of contributions and courses of action, do make it a point to take action right now to plan for your new year holidays and contribute to book your tickets on OurBus today!

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