#2 Superfoods for commuter health from OurBus

We are back with superfoods for you. We at OurBus understand how long hours of commute can make time crunch a real issue and hence have helped provide recommendations to enhance your nutrition levels.

#2 super food recommended are hemp seeds or muscle food.

Many nutritionists have been long promoting hemp seeds for increased stamina and sports purposes and to help transfer oxygen and that makes it a must-have food. Stuffed with iron and magnesium, they are important for oxygen transportation and muscle contractions.

Hemp seeds are also well endowed with in iron and magnesium, much needed for oxygen transportation and muscle contractions.

Nutritionist explain that many people may avoid these due to a false reputation. In fact they were used in prison where they were a part of a healthy nutritious diet and had funny side effects. But like all super foods, even minimal dosage will help serious sports enthusiasts.

Hemp is also high in protein. Sometimes a 1oz portion of seeds can provide up to 11g of protein. It is high in amino acids required by the body and a high ratio of essential fatty acids.

You can blend them into a hemp ‘milk’ for shake or smoothie or sprinkle seeds over salads and carry along a packed snack or lunch when you hop onto OurBus. It is honestly not that difficult to ensure you eat right, particularly when we ensure that you get there on time. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets with OurBus today!

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