#2 Ways OurBus is different- we update you real-time

The travails of daily commute are many but one of the most annoying hassles is to try to juggle many items into your schedule. Imagine if you had 3 hours a day in your waking time to do everything- shopping, maintenance, food, family time, workout. It sounds like a list for sure. Unfortunately, it is the reality for many daily commuters. While most of our commuters are smart and get a lot done during the bus commute thanks to our most comfortable coaches at OurBus, there are always tons of things to be done once you reach home.

While schedules are in our control, traffic is not. And in spite of best efforts there is a little fluctuation in arrival times. However, unlike most other service providers, we track our time for estimated arrival real time and ensure to update you. We understand that for someone enduring a four-hour commute daily even five minutes matter a lot not just for mental sanity and stress free environments but also for their own peace. It gets very annoying to repeatedly track time and not know when one is going to get delayed or better still plan something exciting if one could arrive early.

If you knew you were arriving early you could give a call to your favourite take-out place and swing by to collect it just in time for dinner before stepping in. While a few minutes here and there seem small by comparison, imagine what a steaming hot meal would like vs a reasonably warm meal.

So if this really time ETA matters to you, book your tickets on OurBus today. We are waiting to update you.

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