20 NYC Foods To Try This Lifetime – Part 2

If the world was represented on a food chain chart, New York City would be right on the top. Apart from having a solid meat loving population, it also is known for having the best restaurants in the world. What most people don’t tell you here, though, is what’s good!
Restaurant recommendations are common as most of the specials change daily, weekly, or quarter yearly.
If you live in the city, its time to try these unmissable dishes, if you’re visiting, put these on your list and if you live nearby, there are countless buses to New York every day from major cities like DC and Ithaca. Why wait?
Here’s a list of 20 New York Foods to try before death puts a fork in you:
6. Lamb Over Rice
We’ve got to give it to The Halal Guys. Yes, that’s the name. Brace yourself for there’s going to be a huge queue of people outside, waiting to get their hands on the spit-roasted tender lamb on basmati. It doesn’t get more aromatic than this!
7. Arepa De Chocolo
The Arepa Lady is a New York City treasure. Formerly a street vendor, Maria Cano has two full-blown locations handing out her infamous arepas. The Arepa Do Choloco is a mushy cornmeal cake that’s filled to the brim with salted queso.
8. Cronut
Just walk into the Dominique Ansel Bakery and experience it.
9. Lasagna Alla Bolognese
Let’s face it, pasta done right is everything you could ever want for a dinner date. Tra Di Noi gives you a creamy, full of meat, pasta alla Bolognese. Warning: you might slip into a food coma after this.
10. Kielbasa
The Polish-American culture, in the city, is small but strong. This hole-in-the-wall called Pyza serves some authentic Kielbasa. A semi-sweet sausage with a ton of sauerkraut on the side.

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