20 NYC Foods To Try This Lifetime – Part 3

New York City is ever-changing as it is evergreen. Every day the market changes, new trends rise and everything old is either sold at a clearance sale or passed on to pawn shops or antique stores. We see new restaurants on the same streets we must have walked on just a week prior to swanky tables, modern art decor and one dish that you never thought could exist!
But the only thing constant apart from the hustle and bustle is the standard of food. No matter where you eat unless it’s in the back of an alley and you don’t know what you just ate, you’re gonna find something amazing.
So book your bus tickets to New York, because you don’t want to miss this.
We’ve all racked our brains to give you a list of foods you HAVE TO try!
Here’s a list of 20 New York Foods to try before you go belly up:
11. Chicken & Waffles
Red Rooster Harlem offers the most tender, seasoned-to-perfection pieces of golden fried chicken resting on a bed of cornbread waffle, dressed in their own honey-chili sauce creation.
12. The Classic Bagel
The bagel is a New York City staple. But the one that makes our list is The Classic at Russ & Daughters. A sesame bagel, schmear, and expertly paper thin sliced salmon.
13. Black Label Burger
Would you pay $33 for a burger? Here at Minetta Tavern, for that price, you’ll get a quirky dry-aged meat patty that’s just oozing with juices and caramelized onions with their house dressing and sesame bun!
14. Hot Dog (Recession Special)
The Recession Special at Gray’s Papaya is your answer to a delicious meal on a budget. Two hot dogs with their special housemade relish and a soda taste just as good no matter what location you pick.
15. Grilled Cheese (Murray Melt)
Murray’s Cheese takes a wicked spin on the classic grilled cheese. The Murray Melt is a sensational secret blend of five cheese in different quantities, melted perfectly between two pieces of bread.

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