20 NYC Foods To Try This Lifetime – Part 4

The list keeps going on an on. If you’re out in the sun to catch a sporting event in NYC, skip on the hot dogs and nachos at the stalls and go to these places instead! The ultimate jewels of the food world in the city, these dishes have been recommended by the most famous chefs and regulars alike and brought back to the menu whenever they disappeared.
Here’s a list of 20 New York Foods to try before you get handed your dinner pail:
16. Grilled Octopus
Hey at least it’s not moving, right? At first glance, the charred tentacles could make you feel squeamish but the olive oil and lemon dressing really elevate the taste. The octopus is really tender and well seasoned.
17. Brisket
Supremely tender beef and superb beef ribs can be found at Hometown Bar-B-Que.
18. New York Cheesecake
Junior’s, arguably, sells the coolest New York Cheesecake. The difference? The churned out cream cheese slices are set on top of a sponge cake base, instead of a graham cracker bed.
19. Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese
We pick Ess-A-Bagel for a divine bagel fix. The bagels here are hand-rolled and a perfect combination of dense and fluffy.
20. Mutton Chop
Best thing to eat on a guy’s night, the mutton chop at Keen’s Steakhouse is chargrilled, perfectly crusted and soaking in delicious lamb jus.
Chocolate Chip Cookie
The six-ounce cookie at Levian Bakery sells out faster than hot cakes. It’s perfectly gooey on the inside while maintaining a crunchy and delicious character on the outside. You need to try this and transcend to dessert heaven, right away!

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