20 NYC Foods To Try This Lifetime

New York City is always bustling, always buzzing and always, always, lit up like a city-wide carnival. You hear things like ‘NYC, a hub for live music’, ‘New York City, the food capital of the world’ while the former speaks for itself, the latter has no explanation! What kind of food? What cuisine? What should I try? Any deets?

Well, we’ve got you! Creating an archive of food to try in the city is one thing but the food to try before you check out for real, that’s daunting. We will try our best while you try to cover these!
Here’s a list of 20 New York foods to try before you bite the big one:
1. Bacon and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs are best-enjoyed bodega style. Put your recyclable, eco-friendly forks at that artisanal place down and walk into your local bodega to experience Bacon and Eggs in their greasiest and tastiest form.
2. Porterhouse Steak
It is argued that Peter Luger serves the best Porterhouse for two. The 36-ounce steak arrives sizzling in butter and its own juices. No matter how you like it, you’ll love it.
3. Braised Pork Shoulder
The beer and apple braised pork shoulder, at The Spotted Pig, arrives with a side of roasted mash potatoes. This gastropub has braised the bar.
4. The Classic Pizza
Let it be Joe’s or Vinnie’s, pizza really is a slice of heaven! The classic wood-fired pie at Di Fara’s is smokey as hell with a beautiful combination of sausages, peppers, Mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and herbs.
5. Pork Bun
The dish itself is from faraway lands but it’s made New York it’s home. A staple of the culture, the pork bun at Momofuku is a steamed bao, with cucumber, spring onion, and roasted pork belly filling.

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