#3 Favorite Bus movies from OurBus-The Runaway Bus

Busses seem to be a topic of interest not just in America but also in the UK. The Runaway Bus is a British comedy film that was produced in 1954. It was directed by Val Guest starring Frankie Howerd, Margaret Rutherford and Petula Clark.

The Runaway bus is thriller of some sorts where a chase ensues between good and bad guys. The protagonist, a lady, a proponent of positive thoughts gets stranded at the airport due to heavy fog. Considered flying an impossible option, she requests to be ferried using the shuttle bus to an alternative airport to catch her flight to Dublin.

She is joined onboard by an entertaining group of passengers, all with their individual reasons to want to fly urgently. She is also joined by the airline staff to help ferry her safely. If this wasn’t sufficient, apparently a gang of robbers hid two hundred thousand pounds worth stolen gold in the boot of the vehicle. Of course they wouldn’t let it go. And so starts a funny adventure, eventually ending in cinematic fashion.

If you like classics, and if you like the concept of a bus being central to the plot, the chase and the backdrop, this would be a movie you would certainly enjoy. After all a regular commuter does meet a motley group of fellow passengers everyday with their quirks. One doesn’t just put up with it but eventually finds their own kind of friendships in spite of the diverse backgrounds people come from. And the daily running along with the routine certainly feels like a chase. Maybe not if you are riding OurBus– we do get you there on time.

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