#3 Holiday Habits for OurBus commuters- To remember community strength

Man is a social animal. And our strength lies in numbers. It is funny how the concept of numbers works in human psychology. Apparently when a child is born, it considers itself physically attached to the mother and thus inseparable till it is five years old. That apart, man as such is meant to move and think in groups. While every now and then society pushes individualism forward as a concept, it is a known fact that man bonds better in groups and hence the herd mentality persists.

These days we all live in nuclear families and sometimes just by our own selves. Our siblings or cousins if any are sprinkled across the globe or the country unless you live in the same town/neighborhood where you grew up. I myself am a very anti-social person on most days. I am very digitally socially active but usually would not attend community functions in my neighborhood and hardly talk to people who live next door. However, festivals are times to open up and share that warm smile, food and stories. Visit your community activities, volunteer somewhere and maybe just strike a conversation down the street. Try to donate to the community celebrations. It is indeed a great way to share positivity and also get to know people. And more importantly to break out of the self-imposed, self-glorified cocoon which has become a function of our modern living. In older days festivals, carnivals were a community celebration. The least we could do this festival is to say hello to a neighbor?

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