3 Must-Read Books Set in New York City

Truth be told, most of the people residing in New York City have a heavy obsession with the city.My work makes me travel on the train from NYC to DC every day and being the ardent reader that I am, it doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m quite well-read on all things
NYC. From the spirited streets of Harlem to the blinding lights of the Theater District and from its river
shores to the tops of the skyscrapers, the city of New York is full of enticing stories. From near and far,
people have been writing about this electric city for generations, and with each of them having a distinct
take on the city of dreams, what we have now is a sweeping selection of classic and contemporary reads
that describes how NYC is a living, breathing matter, and has it has been exploited as a character unto

Let’s get to some of my favorite reads on New York City.
1. My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City, New York Magazine – Some of the city’s
most famous residents share a thing in common – they all arrive at New York City at some point
for the very first time. This book is a collection of reminiscences of some of NYC’s most famous
personalities, allowing the readers a deep dive into their candid and stumbling days.
2. A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara – Written over the course of one and a half year, this 2015
bestseller is a traumatic novel offers a surprisingly refreshing take on friendship. Revolving
around 4 friends who land in New York City with intentions to pursue their dreams, this
powerfully emotional novel will make you relive the joy and pain of friendship.
3. Lost and Found: Stories from New York, Thomas Beller – Proffering a vivid depiction of what it
is like to live in a modern-day metropolis, Lost and Found is a testament to the intricacy and
intensity of the New York City.


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