#3 Renew Resolutions- list from OurBus- To Give Up

Our culture these days stresses a lot on making things happen. Ambition, pro-activeness and taking it up by the horns from the frontend. These are the masculine forces of nature. It has nothing to do with gender. Masculine and feminine forces exist in a human being and present different qualities of nature. These attributes when in balance form a balanced human being. The feminine forces relate to the charm, acceptance, forgiveness and the subtler forces of nature. Too much has been stressed on how one should be proactive laying claim to all that is in nature for their benefit but little has been said about the need to renounce.

One need not be a saint or an ascetic to give up. We need to give up every day. We need to give up battles that no longer serve us. We need to give up forces which no longer help us in a situation like anger, helplessness. We need to give up some part of our fortune that has been bestowed upon us. In fact, we can teach children the power of giving and receiving ten times in return.

See if it is time for your child to be able to part with toys he or she is no longer using. Perhaps they could give it themselves to less privileged children who haven’t seen a doll all their lives. Not just garage sales or donations but truly giving up and giving away things.

As you work through your battles of what to give up or walk away from, do not give up booking tickets else you cannot get home in time for holidays! Book your tickets on OurBus today.

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