#3 Superfoods for commuter health from OurBus

We all know eating right is important. But eating the right food and the right superfood is equally important. With the internet buzzing on eat this not that, it highly confusing to decide what works for you. However, one trick I follow is stamina, particularly when you are a long distance commuter. So I usually follow stamina sports much more that strength building and finding cyclist diets very intriguing since they are built for endurance.

In my humble opinion, 16-18 hour workdays including commute is endurance. So superfood no. 3 for you is Amaranth – protein power popcorn.


Anyone who commutes will agree with me. So Amarnath it is. As nutritionists recommend, Amaranth contains more protein than quinoa. And it is certainly not new on the food scenario. It has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It is popular in Central and South America and a staple since the Incas. Also it contains more protein (16g per 100g) than quinoa and no gluten means no bloating and speedier recovery for riders who eat it -a point backed up by findings in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Wow! I really used to stock up on Quinoa salads for long journeys and now looks like I need to switch. I am particularly impressed by the protein and that it contains no gluten. This certainly will change my eating habits.

Serving suggestion: Amaranth Popcorn. You can buy organic amaranth popcorn seeds or mix with muesli and cereals.

And remember what goes best with popcorn- movies or travel! Do not forget to book your travel at OurBus to make the most of the experience.




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