#3 Ways OurBus is different- We offer in-house entertainment

Long commutes can get very monotonous. And after a few hours and years it feels like a lifetime that you have been on that journey home. It feels like that to me. Honestly, I couldn’t get through a journey without distraction. If I have distraction on my mind I can get through any number of hours. Only with the exception of lack of food. But let us park that for a bit.

Yes, so OurBus is considerate and we understand how you feel on a long commute. I usually carry my own options of distraction or entertainment but then it becomes difficult after a while. For starters, my Netflix gets exhausted only by bus viewing. In all honesty since there is no time to watch once you get home considering you spend so many hours on the bus, this might seem like a relatively moot point. However, I keep running out of options to watch plus my devices are always plugged in or keep losing charge. And so we at OurBus decided to help you.

We provide in-house entertainment system. This is similar to in-flight entertainment where users can watch latest movies and TV shows if they use our Wifi while on the bus. While at any given time, not all buses might have this, but it’s something we offer.

 So if you do get bored in long commutes and are too tired to read anymore, after a full day’s work, well then OurBus has options for you. Check for options and book at OurBus today!


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