#4-Best Bus Movies from OurBus-Speed

Speed is a 1994 American action thriller film directed by Jan de Bont. I did not in fact know before researching for this blog that this feature film was his directorial debut. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton, Alan Ruck, and Jeff Daniels.

It was a phenomenal success both critical and commercial and was a surprise at that to all. It went ahead to win two Academy Awards.

Set in LAPD this follows the story of cop who tries to rescue civilians on a city bus rigged with a bomb programmed to explode if the bus slows down below 50 mph.

Speed is one of the best movies ever. The thrill of watching the bus was incomparable to any action movie at that time and in that era.

When I first saw the film, I always thought people on the bus knew each other. There is a scene where Sandra Bullock has a woman sitting next to her who gets friendly. The cop in charge warns the lady that the bomb threat was real and that if she tried to get off the bus, her life would be in danger. But she doesn’t listen to him and rushes to the door before anyone could stop her and there is a blast and she is killed. The people on the bus are shocked and shed a few tears. I almost thought they knew each other, it looked like a pleasant happy school bus and then this.

Now when I look at OurBus commuters and the number of hours they commute every day, I realize that one does start making friends and caring about fellow passengers. After all it is a journey together. Well so much so for a piece of fiction but definitely a good thriller with some great filming inside of an actual bus.

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