#4 Holiday Habits for OurBus commuters- To celebrate no matter what

Last Christmas, I wasn’t feeling too good about the festivities around. Alright I know it sounds like the George Michael song, but in all honestly I was feeling low because of something personal. Plus, I was trying a minimalistic life style for a change. It felt criminal that everyone would celebrate when I was feeling low. It also felt very wrong that people were splurging so much on consumerism and so little on giving away that I found their entire spirit of celebration a show-off. It was just judgmental and upset me.

And now that sense and maturity prevails, I understand that there can be many reasons to celebrate. Celebrate is a function of heart and spirit not of the mind. There is no need to apply logic to everything on this earth. One can celebrate and be grateful for the gift bestowed by the universe. For health, peace and love in life. If once feels disappointed of what is not working, one can see what is working and simply take a moment to enjoy what has been given instead lamenting on what is not there. It is like the man with 2 pieces of bread eyeing an entire loaf and in the process forgetting to eat/enjoy his two fluffy pieces of bread.

Life is in little experiences. Festivals are the pit stops reminding us to celebrate for where we are, what we are and what we have little or more. So do not forget to celebrate no matter what – you will find reasons to celebrate once you look for them. Don’t wait to celebrate with your loved ones.  Book your holiday tickets home on OurBus.

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