4 Incredible Mountain Peaks to Spend your Summer Holidays

Thinking of New York, images of soaring skyscrapers and stocked subways pop in our head. Take a brief look at NYC’s geographical wealth and it won’t take you long to deduce that the only thing lacking are mountains. However, for those longing to get past NYC’s chaos and blinding lights, we have some good news. The state of New York houses 3 epic mountain ranges, namely Adirondacks, Appalachians and Catskills. Offering some of the most breathtaking views and incredible hiking trails, these ranges will definitely awaken the charlatan within.

  1. Bear Mountain, Rockland Country: If you’re someone looking for a day-trip from New York City, don’t look any further. A short drive across the Hudson Valley takes one to the Bear Mountain State Park known for its unbelievable hiking trails and views of the Hudson Valley.

Highest Elevation: 1282 ft

  1. Gothics, Keene: Offering 360° views from the summit, Gothics is undoubtedly one of the best peaks in New York. Its rock formations resemble Gothic architecture, and hence the name Gothics. It’s one of the 46 high peaks in the Adirondack Range.

Highest Elevation: 4734 ft

  1. Mt. Marcy, Essex County: Located in the heart of Adirondack Range, Mount Marcy is the highest peak in New York and offers plentiful hiking trails with varied terrains. It takes a fit hiker 6 to 7 hours to complete the 15-mile hike to the summit.

Highest Elevation: 5344 ft

  1. Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington: Whiteface is the 5th tallest peak in the state of New York. What sets it apart from others in this list is the fact that its summit shows glimpses of skyscrapers of Montreal, Canada, about 80 miles away. It’s also home to the ski area which hosted the Winter Olympics in the year 1980. Unlike other peaks, Whiteface also has seasonal vehicle accessibility.

If you’re a tourist and are around DC, to get to these places, you can take a bus from Washington DC to New York. There are daily buses from DC to NYC.

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