#4 Renew Resolutions- list from OurBus- To acquire

We just spoke of giving up as a resolution in the previous post. And now I want to speak about the importance of acquiring. Not material goods. But qualities that make you a richer person. Qualities worth acquiring.

It is now perhaps a known fact as an adult that school really never ends. Just like we equated examinations and their necessity to having resolutions, learning is a natural outcome of examinations. Life never fails to offer lessons. And life is challenging and brutal every day. Everyday each one of us is trying to make it and what we need is to consistently learn and grow. As an adult who works/studies and travel many hours a day sometimes active and conscious learning takes a backseat. But nothing is further from the truth to keep yourself abreast of the latest technologies in your field and to keep learning.

Also it is important take time to acquire skills which don’t directly add to your career but definitely add to your spirit and soulfulness. If you want to learn how to dance or pottery skills? Tis time to acquire it!

Did you want to know how to make greeting cards at home or how to cook, how to fix your car, how to trade in equity markets or simply to learn a new language, say Italian and travel to Florence? DO it! Now. This is the time for your resolve to help you acquire the skills you always wanted. What are holidays for if not these? But in this excitement do remember to book your holiday tickets at OurBus.

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