#4 Superfoods for commuter health from OurBus

Long commutes and health! Sigh, they always seem mutually exclusive. Particularly if you have a sweet tooth. Imagine if every time a long day stresses you out, you would like to hog on chocolate bars? Well that is me. So much so that I buy breakfast bars and protein bars in chocolate flavor. But apparently the world was listening to my predicament and popped up this fantastic option to assuage my sweet tooth as I was looking for super foods.

You heard me right, you can eat something sweet that is called a superfood. I am not kidding. Trust me.

Superfood no. 4 is Maple syrup.

There is a maple syrup energy gel created by pro cyclist Ted King. He realized the sweet tooth craving people like me have. It has many nutritional plus points and offers a series of minerals and electrolytes, including sodium, said to maintain blood fluid levels during exercise, and potassium which prevents muscle cramping.


Maple syrup usually has lots of minerals and electrolytes in it even if you did not go for this energy gel. A 2011 study from the University of Rhode Island highlights maple syrup’s anti-inflammatory properties comparable to those found in berries, tea, red wine and flaxseed.

Though it is a simple sugar, maple sugars burn slowly so lack the glucose spike you get with some gels.

Serving suggestion: Stir into porridge or work energy meal.

Imagine stocked up with this yummy breakfast before you start your long commute daily? I would love that. So don’t wait, prepare your sweet snack today and do hop onto OurBus!

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