#4-Ways OurBus is different- we provide bottled water on-board

This is indeed the age of consumerism. So much goes into planning for running a business or service, the innumerable number of hours researching and spending time on what the customers would like that sometimes, most brands forget to simply be human. That is right!

Customers are simply people like the brands. They hate to be uncomfortable and react to the most basic of human needs and emotions. But brands forget them. OurBus is one of the few brands I have noticed that doesn’t.

They are one of the few service providers that feel humane enough to place themselves in their customer’s shoes and provide water to the riders. Most organizations have provided options for the commuter to purchase water on board or would request them to buy/carry their own water.

It is funny that in come cultures, it is considered rude not to offer water to guests the first thing, when they step inside the host’s home. It would be considered an opportunity to quench someone’s thirst and that it is a great blessing. Having witnessed such profound importance associated with offering a glass of water, it certainly means that the ancients found wisdom in this act. An available bottle of water on-board without having to make an effort to get it is one of the ways a brand can simply create its space without the commuter even thinking twice about it. But that is not why OurBus does it. They do it because they are different. They care about their commuters.

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