4 ways to spice up you winters- Tips for Ourbus commuters!

Winter is here! And that certainly means both good things and bad. To start with, one can hole up in your blanket and binge-watch GoT episodes non-stop. And the lovely coats, scarves. Snow (the good kind, not the mucky kind). Then there are terrible things like shoveling the driveway, cleaning the roof of your car, blocked drains, bursting pipes and so on.

But a little fun goes a long way in making the most of your winters in addition to your cozy commute with Ourbus. And so our team brings you some fun tips to spice up your winters.

  • Gorge on Hot Chocolate or Coffee: NOTHING can ever make up for what chocolate can do to you. So stock up on the good old mug of hot chocolate, curled up on your couch. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a kid anymore. A mug off Hot Chocolate is the remedy to a gloomy day. Yes, it exists for real. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. There is an entire list of add on flavors to let the hedonism run through and you could add dollops of cream to make the evening extra special. Go drink yourself up.

If you are not chocolate person though, you can stock up your coffee too. Imagine how much fun a dose of cream and coffee could do to the dreary winter evenings? I suppose they can create rainbows in the sky.

Plan a road trip: Yes. You heard it right. Its grey and cold and dark and damp. Why would you want to go outside? Because unlike what it feels it can be pretty pleasant to be outdoors. Road trips are actually mood boosters. You don’t have to be out in the wind but getting out of home and actually meeting people, visiting minibars, restaurants can spike up fun.

Plan a brunch: You are an adult. We get it. But then you still hate to wake up early on cold dreary mornings. Great do brunch!! This winter, make it a point to plan a brunch with your friends. Make it super fun by taking on new breakfast recipes that you haven’t tried out yet.

Re-decorate your space: If you are holed up in house or office anyway due to blizzards well then try to give a fresh makeover to your interiors. A little bit of artwork and moving things around can really make it fun instead of feeling stuck.

Clean out your wardrobe: Yes, it is indeed the ickiest job on the block but hey, it helps you dress great AFTER you clean up. That is because you can find your stuff. That is right. Get off the couch and start moving.

And if you do want to step out of home, ensure that you book Ourbus. We are affordable, cozy and get you there on time. What more do you want on a dreary winter day, eh?

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