#5 Best Bus movies from OurBus- Man on the Bus

Man on the Bus is a 1955 film starring Walter Brennan, Broderick Crawford, Rosemary DeCamp and directed by Joseph H. Lewis

This is one of the lesser known films but again relates the common love, buses! And of course my job here is to find the most common denominator in these films to share this commonality between us.

Man on the Bus is a story about six different people who have migrated to Israel from various countries. They all get onto a bus to commute across Negev Desert. In order to kill time, they start sharing their stories of how they wanted to migrate and what go them here.

This is pretty entertaining considering this is short film and lasts only 28 minutes minus the drama of a feature film. The characters are very real. The duration also makes it almost seem like an actual story. Each characters gets to speak for few minutes which seems like a very realistic conversation between fellow commuters. If we take off the drama of high sequenced music, the stunts, the story telling that accompanies more high-profile thrillers such as Speed, such movies could tell the story in much more actuality.

After all the whole idea of reading about Bus movies is to relate to the Bus commute. And well honestly I haven’t come across any Keanu Reeves in my bus commutes but I sure have come across many fellow passengers with simple really life stories willing to talk and pass time. So hop on to OurBus and see if you connect with your fellow passengers today.

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