#5 Holiday Habits for OurBus commuters- To be grateful

We just spoke of reasons to celebrate festivals. To stop by and thank for the gifts. To be grateful goes one step further. It is one thing to feel glad about what we have and to thank for what has been bestowed but is another to express true gratefulness for what has been and what can be.

I saw a social experiment on Facebook recently. It was a video which was trying to explain the concept of privilege. IT essentially took a random set of students and asked them to stand in a line. And then started stating many factors about their lives that they took for granted. Anytime such factors were stated; they were asked to step forward. Factors such as not having work while studying, having the opportunity to go to college, opportunity to be raised in happy families, opportunity go to school in a car and then finally when they looked back they realized they had come out ahead of many peers simply by being born in different and more privileged families.

That is what I mean by realizing what and how to be grateful for. Life is great today for what one has. There could have been many alternative cases and happiness if it was a function of emotions such as gratefulness. This holiday one does realize to be grateful and also one also needs realize to be home on time in order to be grateful. Do book your tickets on OurBus.

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