#5 Renew Resolutions- list from OurBus- To Participate

We spoke of the second resolution to contribute. Now we speak of participating. In some ways they sound similar but they are not the same. To participate is to take an active role in the process of making something happen. To take interest. Many times, we get work done but we forget to participate.

Got yo get kids homework done? Great, set goals, deadlines, ensure they cram it all up, get them to bed on time. But hey wait, did you remember to actively participate in the process? Participation is defined by the dictionary as taking an active interest in the proceedings, not just wait in a hurry to get to the outcome. It really is about being present and enjoying the journey without any worry about the outcome.

As a wise man once said that the only thing truly in control of a human being is their own self in the given moment. Their immediate action. Nothing can ever predict or warn us for future outcomes. It is a function of many factors beyond their control. But what is in our control is what we do immediately and how we react to things. Participation is really a celebration of this spirit to be able to truly do what is required at that point of time without fretting or unreasonably worrying about the outcomes. Imagine if you vouch to run a marathon only if you won? How would you ever get started. The process of running, learning, training is the process that makes you the winner. IF you get stuck on winning you miss out the fun part and will never get there.

So this new year, do resolve to participate not just complete tasks and do not forget to book your tickets for the holidays on OurBus.

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