#5 Superfoods for commuter health from OurBus

I love white meat and sea food. In fact, my favorite vacation spots are beaches and islands simply because I get to try the fantastic sea-food array. But surprise surprise! Seafood doesn’t just make for vacation food or fine dining but apparently is awesome on nutrients (I always insisted but well you know my family never listened to me). Now I need no excuses to push everyone to visit beach vacations. Yipeee!

And for long distance commuters, superfood no.5 are Scallops and Crabs: stealth shellfish

Scallops for that high-end restaurant occasion, crabs for the seaside excursion — both for improving stamina and energy levels to last through the day. They are excellent sources of protein say nutritionists training celebrities (You heard that right!)


Shellfish like crab and scallops are rich sources of protein

Meat from crabs is very good for lean muscle mass but is also full of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Also it is a very good source of the long-chain omega 3s EPA and DHA. These lead to strong anti-inflammatory properties, while the high protein content speeds up body tissue repair and helps keep your weight in check as it satiates hunger.

Also Scallops, specific ‘fatty fish’ food, pack around 15g of protein in a 100g serving while containing less than 1g of fat.

In fact, both these shellfish are also rich in immunity-boosting minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium.

Serving suggestion: Season your scallops with salt, pepper and oil, then sear in a very hot pan for around a minute each side.

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