#6 Renew Resolutions- list from OurBus- To Cleanse

Mornings are supposed to be the best times of the day (not for late sleepers, but generally speaking they feel fresh, happy positive).  Robin Williams puts it across very nicely in the film “Dead Poets’ Society”- Carpe Diem- Seize the day!

And we grace these mornings as the perfect beginnings by starting with the process of dental and physical cleansing. Cleansing is the most important routine to the body, mind and soul. And hence this active routine of cleansing must be extended to the mind and the soul. How does one cleanse the mind? Though meditative practices or simply by sitting very quietly. Some like to reflect but the best outcomes are achieved by emptying one’s minds. Completely at peace with the surroundings and not brooding over the past since bygones are bygones.

How does one cleanse the soul? The soul can be cleansed by decluttering the spirit, the emotions. Like we stock dirt in our bodies and mind, we stock up resentment in our spirits. It is time to cleanse emotions that no longer serve us and it is important to cleanse periodically similar to how we need to cleanse physically every day.

So to renew your resolutions this new year do end with a cleansing note to ensure you are off to a great start. And as we wish you a great start gearing up to a new year, do remember to book your tickets on OurBus today!

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