#6 Superfoods for commuter health from OurBus

I have never been a health food freak. This may sound strange considering I am doing a blog series on super foods. But traditionally in the past before I adopted super foods for my weight loss program, I was never a health food person. Health food in my mind always meant something my grandmother stocked up in her kitchen and fed me when I was a bad girl who did not do homework. Adulthood did not change my perception till weight had to! Once I adopted healthy foods, I have become their fan. Super foods can be very tasty and good to eat. They don’t need to be punishing food from disciplinary grandmothers.

One of those superfoods that really changed my perception of taste and nutrition is superfood no. 6 – Mung and lentils: magic marker beans.

Apparently researchers compared four types of energizing foods- baked potatoes, glucose syrup, boiled lentils and just water — they found that cyclists riding to exhaustion averaged 117 minutes with the lentils, but only 108 minutes when they took the sports drink and just 97 minutes after the potatoes.

However, blood glucose levels were also about 20 percent higher in the lentil eaters after 90 minutes when compared with the sports drink group, suggesting the legumes really do boost endurance performance.


If this is what happens to sports enthusiasts its more than enough to get you through the day. Certain cuisines such as Indian rely heavily on boiled lentil and Mung beans for protein and filling food. Boiled lentil get you through the day and leave you feeling full and hence you don’t snack on junk.

Also Mung and lentils can boost your blood glucose levels

These snacks are a natural and hearty source of protein, fiber, a variety of minerals, some antioxidants and, in an ample amount, form a healthy wad of slow-burning carbs.

And best part is that they are also pretty minimal in calories and the mineral content, specifically iron,  and help form haemoglobin in the body — the red blood cells which deliver oxygen to muscles, improving muscular endurance.

Serving suggestion: Lentils work well in place of pasta as a gluten-free substitute while mung beans form a great anti-inflammatory base for stews. For a quick protein punch add cooked lentils to a morning omelette.

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