A First-timer’s Guide to Chinatown – Part 3

Needless to say, but by know, almost all of you are well aware of Chinatown’s rich culture and its overwhelming sense of tradition. And how it has diligently armored its roots amidst the dynamic landscape of New York City. Meandering streets and densely packed, littered shopfronts opening to authentic cuisines and a century’s worth of ethnic secrets, that’s NYC’s Chinatown for you. And mind you, we’re talking about one of the densest populations of Chinese immigrants in the western hemisphere.


Now coming to everyone’s top-most priority – the food. If you’re an outsider and unfamiliar with the South-Asian traditions and ways of life, it’s going to be quite overwhelming. There are no two ways about it. Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the local dialect is Mandarin. And almost every piece of written content would involve Mandarin or Chinese. That includes the menus as well. Get ready for being surprised and confused. A lot of unexpected will be brought out and served to you.


There’s no sure-shot way to avoid the culture shock. All I can help you is by mentioning a few of my favorites here. Chinatown offers a diverse range of cuisines. And exploring the dining scene here is a part of the overall Chinatown experience. For a sensory saturation, grab a meal at these places:


Aji Ichiban – a munchies paradise brimming with Asian candies

Where: 37 Mott St, New York


Jing Fong – for a whole new dim sum experience and more than 100 distinct dishes

Where: 20 Elizabeth St, New York


Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles – my go-to spot for noodles

Where: 1 Doyers St, New York


456 Shanghai Cuisine – for fried buns with pork and soup dumplings

Where: 69 Mott St, New York


So get on a bus to NY and find yourself happily lost on the streets of Chinatown.

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