A Visitor’s Guide to Brooklyn

Well, I do feel that most of the folks in New York City have either a grandmother or a distant relative associated with Brooklyn. Or perhaps have a friend or two residing there. During the early 20th century, Brooklyn was a mecca for immigrants arriving from Ellis Island. Fast forward a hundred years, young punditz and artists left the pricey Manhattan cribs for Brooklyn’s less expensive and more expansive location.


In as much as a century, Brooklyn has transformed into a global cultural capital. Just during the past two decades, Brooklyn, with a population of about two and a half million people (it is currently NYC’s most populous borough), has transformed into a hotbed of culture, art, music and food. Hugely popular as a tourist destination the visitors to New York City, Brooklyn is a state of mind as well as a dynamic community. It’s no surprise that everyone in Brooklyn takes pride in living here.


Mentioned below are a few highlights that will help you plan your trip to Brooklyn.


Best Time To Visit

Similar to the rest of city, Brooklyn experiences a moderately hot summer season. The winter, sometimes, can get quite frigid, however, its proximity to the coast will definitely spare you from bearing the full impact of winters. January is the coldest month and July, the hottest.


The Sights of Brooklyn

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Brooklyn Bridge Park
  3. Coney Island
  4. Williamsburg
  5. Cobble and Boerum Hill
  6. Brighton Beach



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