A Visitor’s Guide to Carnegie Hall

New York City has an abundance of concert halls, but none is quite so famed as Carnegie Hall. Musicians from different walks of life and genres including the likes of the famed Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles have entertained crowds in the august space. indeed, playing the venue is something of an unspoken benchmark in many artists’ careers.


Elegant design, near-perfect acoustics, and performances by the world’s greatest musical artists, everything combined together makes Carnegie Hall one of the finest music venues in the world.


Carnegie Hall is an essential destination for lovers of music.


So how do you get there?


With years of practice. And a bit more practice. Or you can take the  N, Q, R or F subway train to the 57th Street. To anyone coming from nearby cities, OurBus runs a daily Washington DC to NYC bus service at a nominal price.


Here’s the address – 881 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10019


In a season, which generally spans from October to June, the venue presents about 250 performances. For performance schedule, visit carnegiehall.org. Their website has instructions on how to get the tickets and a list of upcoming performances.

In case you’re running short on time, you can also take a guided tour for all the titillating tales of music and gripping facts about Carnegie Hall. The public also has access to Rose Museum which is all dedicated to showcasing the hall’s history. It’s free and open to everyone.


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