An introduction to Guggenheim

New York City a global mecca for shopping and music, and a continuously expanding center for art and culture. For a complete NYC experience, be sure to include the numerous museums and art galleries dotting the city landscape.


In the same vein, today’s post is dedicated to celebrated architect Frank Lloyd’s last project – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.


In 1943, the art advisor to Solomon R. Guggenheim commissioned celebrity architect Frank Lloyd Wright to create a building that would stir the soul. Lo and behold; the mission was accomplished: the now-iconic Guggenheim is a mollusk-like spiral structure which offers visitors an amazing path to travel while exploring the museum’s collection, along with a facade both spartan and intriguing.


Housed in one of the city’s most iconic buildings, the museum opened to the public in October 1997. Filled with prized pieces, including works from Picasso, Kandinsky and Miróthe, and almost 200 of Robert Mapplethorpe’s best photographs, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao instantly became the city’s most recognized landmark, as well as one of the world’s greatest art galleries.


Dedicated to showing work from the 20th century and beyond, the museum’s collection encompasses work from Impressionist, Post Impressionist, Conceptualist and Modernist eras. And not so long ago, site-specific exhibitions by artists such as Jenny Holzer and Zaha Hadid were mounted in the museum. And not forget that apart from the main gallery that comprises of modern sculptures and artworks of a striking range of traditions, there is an annex which opens up into regal treasures to behold.


Visitors to the museum can also attend lectures by artists and critics, and performances and film screenings. Simply keep a tab on the museum’s calendar.


Important Information


    Friday to Wednesday – 10:00 am to 05:45 pm (Thursday closed)


Admission prices:

    Full price: 15 US$

    Up to 65 years: 10 US$

    Students: 10 US$

    Up to 11 years: Free


Contact Details


  • Address


1071 5th Avenue

10029 New York



  • Phone number


001 212 423 3500

Come, get your art on! All you gotta do is catch one of the next buses to New York!


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