An Introduction to New York City

The largest and easily the most authoritative metropolis in the United States of America, New York City is an assemblage of 5 different boroughs, namely Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, with each of the boroughs exhibiting its own distinct character. Today, NYC is America’s most populous and international city but it hasn’t always been so. Long before the property-grabbing settlers latched on to this beautiful land, the Lenape, the Native Americans scoured and hunted and rambled through these lands. While the natives have long been forgotten, a lot has happened in the past few centuries. Late in the 18th century, NYC was chosen as the nation’s first capital. Although it doesn’t enjoy the same position it once did, it has managed to preserve its position as America’s most ethnically diverse and commercially driven city. Mentioned below are some of the sites that will help you understand how in NYC, the city of stark contrasts and severe contradictions, history is made each day:

  1. Federal Hall National Memorial: Old Wall Street is where it all began; this is George Washington became the first president. The memorial commemorates the humble beginnings of the USA.
  2. Washington Square Park: Built on a piece of land previously used as a burial ground, this is one of NYC’s best-known public parks.
  3. Fraunces Tavern Museum: With a plethora of programs on offer, this museum, which is built in Manhattan’s oldest remaining structures, lets you experience the American Revolution.
  4. 9/11 Memorial and Museum: This memorial and museum commemorate September 11, 2011, the saddest day in America’s history. The vicious attack killed almost 3,000 people.
  5. New York Historical Society Library and Museum: Founded in 1804, this was New York’s first museum. It holds a comprehensive collection material documenting America’s glorious history along with other historical artefacts and works of American art.

Looking closely, you’ll understand how history hasn’t been particularly kind to New York City. However, the city has almost always managed to get up, roll on and prove itself to be resilient and tenacious.

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