An Introduction to Williamsburg

Williamsburg is the cultural epicenter of Brooklyn. And while it’s true that this neighborhood in Brooklyn has higher rents than most other neighborhoods and more mobs than Soho, but it’s still one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Williamsburg; the quaint streets lined with inventive and cozy restaurants, rooftop bars and eclectic shops, and swarms of hip people at the giant food bazaars.

Chock-full with local boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, all of which are worth dying for, it’s indeed a true mecca for foodies and art lovers alike, and of course, one of our most beloved places in all of NYC.


As soon as you enter the Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg’s main drag, the kinetic energy of this neighborhood will hit you in the face. And it immediately becomes apparent that Williamsburg is the reason behind Brooklyn’s international image. It wasn’t always this way, though. Williamsburg’s become more refined in past few decades. The transformation began when an enterprising creative class began to re-energize the sector, and the rest, as we know, is history.


Williamsburg is known for the hipster vibe which it exudes. It is apparent by the indie music performances, gallery shows and shops run by local artisans. Distilleries show off the neighborhood’s flair for locally made spirits, and then there’s Smorgasburg, the food fair that packs in about 100 creative food vendors. It’s about time you heed the hipster call.


Looking at the neighborhood from the outside, people can confuse it for a place brimming with trust-fund hipsters with art degrees. However, that’s far from the truth. In reality, Williamsburg has always been, and most likely, will continue to be one of the city’s most fertile ground for artists, designers, writers, and entrepreneurs. And every single day, I’m impressed and inspired by the people that choose to live here over any other part of the city.

So, take the weekday service for bus and be on your way to this wonderful little neighborhood for a day well spent.

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