Availing Broadway Discount

Seeing a Broadway show is an immensely caught on thing to do when you visit NYC, for there’s nothing quite like experiencing a Broadway show. We all know NYC as a hub for live music, however, even the locals don’t tire of Broadway. Unfortunately, tickets to see these world-class shows almost always require a pretty penny. However, the unfortunate of the lot gets the shock when they are confronted with the retail ticket prices. With most of the tickets averaging around $100, a complete Broadway experience for two can easily run you for $400 or more.


But then again, there are several ways to get cheap Broadway tickets. If you’re looking to save money and still enjoy an amazing Broadway Show, here’s a little something for you:



  • You can save as much as 25-50% with Broadway tickets purchased at a TKTS booth (there are several within the city, with a flagship booth in Times Square).



  • Broadway discount ticket newsletters offer tickets that are typically 25-50% off the full price. Go, subscribe.


That’s not all. There are other ways to score Broadway tickets as well. For instance, lotteries. There’s a very simple idea behind. You submit your name and pray that it gets drawn. Here’s a guide to help you through the procedure. And then there are Mobile Applications. The best, in my opinion, is TodayTix; it works like a charm, every time, and offers last-minute tickets as well.


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