Bar-Hopping in Brooklyn

Well, does it seem like we make a lot of excuses to tell you about bars? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who the hell cares? But you see, there’s also a real, legitimate case to be made for the ethics of bar hopping as an essential, authentic experience.


Brooklyn is a night owl’s dream. And Brooklyn’s got a lot of bars too. Arguably a brutish amount. Perhaps we don’t need to tell you that. But does it not feel nice sometimes to have a reminder that there actually are places for real, worthy of getting off the bed and putting on decent clothes and leaving Netflix behind for.


Plus, there’s a little something for everyone in Brooklyn, doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of carefully crafted nouveau dive or the immaculate cocktails or $2 beer. There are far too many bars to indulge in. Whatever your aim for the night, be it casual drinking or rowdy partying, Brooklyn has got you covered. Simply skip the crap and stick to this list.


Warning: This comes with pretty grave consequences to your health and your wealth.


The Commodore

Go for: Fried Chicken, Cadillac Nachos and Adult Cheese Sandwich

366 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York City


Rocka Rolla

Go for: Jukebox Tunes and $3 Beer

486 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York City



Go for: Manhattan’s Skyline View and Craft Cocktails

111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, New York City


Baby’s All Right

Go for: Live Music, Gourmet Bar Fare and Creative Drinks

146 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York City

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