Being young and broke in NYC

NYC is not a cheap city to live in, and there are no two ways about it. Armed with used furniture and soaring dreams, young folks arrive at this city with the hopes of a better life.


But you have rent to pay, food to eat, and a vanishing social life that needs to be saved. And you can’t do much, can you? For all I know, you’re just living paycheck to paycheck. And to top it all, everyone who’s been living here for quite some time now will blame you, your firm, young body, your fairly optimistic attitude, for all the problems this city faces. And so will you, 5 or 10 years from now. But that’s if you survive those coming years. And given how the city is getting more expensive by the minute, it can be quite a task.


But you’re not alone, mate. We’ve all been there. But there are ways, many ways, in fact, to live on the cheap and still enjoy living. Even with only a few crumpled bills in your pockets and a dwindling amount in your account, you can walk the city like Daddy.


You see, navigating the network of costly entertainment options is an art in itself; an art that can be mastered. There’s only one requisite – you need to be broke.


And you can trust me on this, for I’m a guy who’s never made more than 30 grand a year. More than anything else, it has humbled me, beyond any measure


  1. Stick to lounges and bar named after animals – For instance, Crocodile Lounge. Why, because for every drink ordered, you get a pan pizza, free of cost
  2. Gallery openings for free booze
  3. Walk, for it not only gets you in shape but is also a valid medium of transport
  4. Gray’s Papaya – for almost-a-dollar hot dogs
  5. Craigslist is your mecca – for everything from apartments to roommates to odd jobs
  6. New York Public Library – for they will not kick you out for not buying anything
  7. Google is your friend, too. Search for ‘unlimited brunch NYC’ and get the results it returns.
  8. Travel with OurBus! OurBus has numerous bus services in NYC that are economical and luxurious!

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