Best Arepas in NYC

Arepa a dish, native to Venezuela that is essentially is an open cornmeal cake sandwich (either grilled or fried). Its pretty famous in Latin America, especially Columbia where it’s stuffed with savoury items like salty cheese, pulled beef or black beans as well as sweet components like plantains and chocolate.

But in the United States, New York is where you’ll find the best, close to the original, arepas. If you find yourself in DC craving something truly amazing as this, just take the train from Washington DC Union Station and go to one of these awesome arepa-centric joints!

Here’s a list of some of the best arepas in the city:

1. TuArepa Pizza Cafe

100-22 67th Ave, Queens, NY 11375, USA

This modern arepa bar may just seem like one of the usual pizza parlours. Stashed away in Forest Hills, TuArepa Pizza Cafe will surprise you despite its nondescript setting. The grilled arepas are made to order and usually take 15 minutes but you can watch the whole process from the counter.

Get the pabellón, the one with shreds of beef stew, slices of bananas, beans and stringy cheese!

2. Caracas Arepa Bar

91 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009, USA

Caracas Arepa Bar has multiple locations but the one place they can be truly enjoyed is the location at the beach. You can choose the filling for these grilled and baked corn cakes. The one to try is La Del Gato, an arepa filled with Guayanés cheese, plantain and avocado! Ask for their tangy and spicy mango sauce to go with it.

3. El Cocotero

228 W 18th St # 1, New York, NY 10011, USA

El Cocotero is Manhattan’s own little piece of Venezuela. The restaurants ranks as one of the top arepa places in the city with a cheery atmosphere, bright wallpaper and fresh flower arrangements for every table. You can  choose the stuffing combinations you want for your arepa from the dozens of options. The one with guacamole called Chiquinquira is excellent and a must-try.


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