Best Art Galleries in NYC – Part 1

Artist or not, there’s something about art galleries that fascinates us. Be it the connoisseur, the painter, the collector, the enthusiast or an average working professional, all of us like our art some way or the other. All of us have our reasons behind visiting art galleries. Some of us go there to purchase priced possessions and collect pieces of art, some of us just want that mantelpiece to look pretty and artsy while most of us just like looking at the different works of art and marvel at the intricacies.

However, my reasons are different. I have never bought a piece of art from an art gallery in my life. I like to just walk in the narrow corridors, lined up with works of art. I like to think that I’m passing by stories untold, interpreted, misinterpreted and lost. I like to think about all the feelings drifting in the air, sifting through pores of canvas and getting lost in the yellow light somewhere.

Try this. The next time you visit an art gallery, just close your eyes and bask in the glory of all the art that surrounds you. It’s a colossal feeling. Look at a piece of art for half an hour straight and don’t think anything.

Maybe, it wasn’t supposed to have a meaning. Maybe, the curtains were just blue.

For your next art experiment, here are the best art galleries in and around you can visit on your next bus transit from New York City:

  1. David Zwirner Gallery
537 W 20th St (at 11th Ave), New York, NY
      2. Gagosian Gallery
555 W 24th St (btwn 10th & 11th Ave), New York, NY
      3. Christie’s
20 Rockefeller Plaza (btwn 5th & 6th Ave), New York, NY
      4. David Zwirner Gallery
519/525 & 533 W 19th St (btwn 10th & 11th Ave), New York, NY
      5. Sperone Westwater
257 Bowery (Gansevoort St), New York, NY

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