Best Beer Bars in NYC – Part 2

Beer can be enjoyed in any weather, on a cold day it warms you up, on a hot day its the perfect drink to cool you down.

Going to a normal bar, you might have a limited selection of the same old beer brands but if you’re looking to take your taste buds and soul on a beer-centric adventure, we might have a list offering just that!

Just look for the NYC bus time, hop on a bus that takes you to one of these amazing beer bars and look forward to being surprised by the sheer number of drafts and brews some of these places have!

Here’s a list of some of the best beer bars in the city:

4. Blind Tiger

 281 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014, USA

The unofficial best place for the authentic craft beer experience in New York City and a true homage to craft bars, Blind Tiger has been delivering the best and has been in the business for over two decades! The staff is friendly and informative, the music is good and the bar itself has really beautiful wooden floors and panels for a legendary yet classic experience.

5. ABC Beer Co.

96 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009, USA

ABC gives you the option of buying beer to take elsewhere or sitting down and downing it all in this really cosy setting. The place offers a variety of drafts and a selection of really tasty meat and cheese platters and sandwiches and is the perfect bar for groups, offering long tables, plush seating and free wifi!  Be sure to order one of the 12 rotating drafts on their menu, they’re delicious.

6. Covenhoven

730 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA

Relatively new to the Brooklyn bar scene, Covenhoven still manages to shine and deliver some of the rarest brews on tap. With 16 drafts on the menu and over 100 bottles and up for grabs, they serve some seriously good grilled cheese, soft pretzels and build-your-own cheese platters! Try their Prarie Artisanal Ales Bomb if you’re in the mood for something exceptionally strong.

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