Best Board Game Bars of NYC

Boards game are coming back. And they are coming back big time. And they
are not just for the kids. They’re hip, they are sophisticated and you definitely
want to play them while you sip on your favorite drink with your buddies.
No matter which corner of the city you are in, there is a pretty good bar with
added options of enjoying some quality games. So if you are in downtown for
an afternoon hang or planning to spend a night in Bushwick, we have you
covered. Here are some of the best board game bars of NYC.

1. Fat Cat
Fat Cat is located in West Village area and is stuffed with some of the best
board games that you can find. This underground bar has a selection of drinks
that are likely to make you feel happy and for the casual crowd, they even have
ping pong tables and more if you are not that much into board games.

2. Bushwick Country Club
Don’t judge this place by its name as that can be very misleading. This dive bar
in Williamsburg is loaded with games and what completes the package is a
mini-golf course and a photo booth out back. They also offer unlimited free
cheese puffs which are always a plus.

3. Common Ground
If you are in East Village area, do stop by at Common Ground for some really
good drinks and even better selection of board games they offer. Everything is
covered from classic games like Jenga to trivia and much more. They also have
a special draft beer menu to choose your beer from.

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