Best Budget Hotels

Everyone visiting New York City needs to frugal with their hard-earned money. That’s how you sample the multifarious eateries in the city and score tickets to Broadway shows. That’s how you see the greatest attractions in one of the world’s most expensive city. Sound fairly simple, right?

The problem kicks in when you start looking for an accommodation. But in New York City, accommodation doesn’t come cheap. This is particularly true for the more desirable parts of the city, and that is exactly where all the action takes place. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. So how do you make sure that you stay somewhere clean and convenient without breaking your budget?

By going through this insider’s guide to the best budget hotels in New York City.

The pickings were dishearteningly slim. Yet we managed to lay our hands on some city’s highly-rated boutique hotels. The rooms may be smaller than what you’d fancy, but they come at good prices and proffer modern amenities and make it possible for you to explore the city of dreams to the maximum.


Designed to make your NYC vacation extraordinary, it’s a 3-star hotel that’s affordable and features a pizzeria, a pub and a cocktail bar. It’s best suited for budget travellers who want to crash in a hip neighborhood.

Pod 39 Hotel

Pod 39 is a vibrant, contemporary 366-room property that offers small rooms for low prices. While the rooms are small even by the NYC standards, each of the rooms has private bathrooms and features a unique design.

Hudson Hotel

At a prime location in Midtown, Hudson Hotel is located just a few blocks away from the Central Park. It’s a 4-star property with designed spaces and comes with a rooftop bar and a burger grill.

I happen to work till late. There aren’t any NYC beach buses that run until the wee hours of the morning. Every now and then, I miss my NYC to Washington DC bus. Missing the last bus from NYC to Washington DC has become more of a routine now. And every now and then, I find myself spending the night in one the above-mentioned hotels. And so should you, if you’re planning to visit NYC on a budget. After all, luxury is still luxury, even if it comes cheap.


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