Best Bus movies from OurBus – our recommendations coming soon!

It is funny how buses have become a part of our everyday lives. We at OurBus eat and breathe buses every minute. We think how to make them comfortable for you. We think of innovation in transporting. We think of what you would like to do, how you would like to be seated, what you would love to eat, how you would like to eat, how you would like your windows.

And then of course you spend ALL your time in buses. Not just commuting but planning your day and life around it. What to wear, how to dress, is it going to be warm/cold, how would the air-conditioning feel, what kind of footwear helps you sit comfortably, what would the leg space be like, what would you like to do with your spare time, what type of lunch to pack and so on.

And then you have life revolving around the bus. The people you meet every day. The friends/colleagues who commute with you, what you like to discuss, how you like to sit together, the friends you meet at the bus stop. The whole social structure revolves around it like a community.

So for people like us, me and you, it would be quite entertaining to watch other people like us. So we picked movies which have a bus in the central theme and the plot revolves around a bus. I got pretty excited and so thought you would to see these films. Watch out for the space as we post that very soon. Till then, don’t forget to hail OurBus.

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