Best Ethiopian Food in NYC

There is so much more to New York than a Pizza. Although pizza is a perfectly
good food, sometimes you just need to try something different and what’s better
than some delicious Ethiopian food?
So go out, grab a next bus dc if have to and try one these restaurants for healthy
yet filling Ethiopian delicacies that are sure to make you feel happy.

1. Awash
Awash is one place where you can take your date or go for a family dinner. It is
one of the most tastefully decorated and equally satisfying to the palate. Choose
from some of the Ethiopian standard dishes like Yebeg Elicha all the way to the
fancy ones like Tibs Wat and you will not be disappointed.

2. Tsion Cafe and Bakery
Tsion is situated in the very nice neighbourhood of Sugar Hill and has ample
space inside to make you not feel cramped. The cafe is a prime spot for
breakfast goers and turns itself into a good dinner spot in the evening. Their
weekend brunch is one speciality that you should not miss at any cost.

3. Massawa
Located in Morningside Heights, this cozy restaurant is always packed with its
patrons who are there to taste some of the best home-cooked Ethiopian recipes.
People travel from all over the city to just have a taste of their freshly cooked
delicacies. If you are going here, don’t miss their Ful, Duba B’siga and Doro
Wet which is going to make you visit here again and again.

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