Best Food and Drinks in NYC

It’s time for a list like no other. A list of all the amazing food and beverages to have in New York City. We are not gonna describe them, we are gonna let you experience it. All we know is that they’re amazing enough to be on mentioned.

If you’re planning to try something cool this weekend, try these. Just take a bus from Philadelphia to New York City!

Here’s a list of the best food and drinks to try in NYC:


NYC (New York croissant) at Supermoon Bakehouse

Bacon, egg and cream cheese at Becky’s Bites

Coconut rice porridge at Blake Lane

Banana malt doughnut at Du’s Donuts and Coffee

Decaf La Voz at Filtered

Purple Rain acai bowl at Loco Coco

Coconut and lime French toast at Milk & Roses

Mushroom bowl at Old Rose

Egg and cheese sandwich with sausage at Sunday in Brooklyn

Sel Roti with Aachar at While in Kathmandu


Arctic char tostada at Atla

General Tso’s chicken wings at Atlantic Social

Trinidadian corn and coconut soup at Franklin820

Cuttlefish at Camperdown Elm

Foie gras terrine at Jean-Georges

Grilled lamb ribs at Merakia

Hummus msabbaha with lamb shawarma at Miss Ada

Scallop ceviche panipuri at Nur

Meatballs at Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge

Brussels sprouts at Sally Roots


Tamarind plum glazed lentil burger at the Cinnamon Snail

Burrata mandarin salad at the Grey Dog


Chicken noodle pho at Bunker in DeKalb Market Hall

Savory bread pudding at Denizen

Chicken curry salad tarts at Janam Tea

Peach balsamic pizza at Moss Café

Bacon, egg and cheese dumplings at Pinch Chinese

Spaghetti pie at the Sosta

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