Best Food Trucks in NYC

There is no city in the world as culturally diverse as New York. And that shows when it comes to food. The streets of Big Apple is filled with food and you don’t have to be getting around the USA by bus to taste all the different cuisines of the world.

Here are some of the best food trucks on the streets of New York that serve some of the best lip-smacking and authentic food you will ever taste.


  1. King Of Falafel

This Vendy award-winning food truck is a passion of Fares Zeideia which has now turned him into sort of a local celebrity. This middle-eastern food paradise is one of the best in the whole of New York when it comes to any kind of kebabs, shawarma or falafel. But be sure to reach early as their falafel platter tends to be sold out in record time always.


  1. Korilla BBQ

This tiger-striped food truck can often be seen in Downtown New York selling some of the best tacos and burritos. But they are not any tacos or burritos. They are filled with Korilla’s special kimchi styled meats and ingredients which imparts it a distinctive Korean flavour that is to die for.


  1. The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon Snail is the perfect spot for all your vegan needs in Midtown West. Be it vegan fig pancakes or a full vegan barbecue, the self-taught chef Adam Sobel never fails to impress. This is a roving truck and is enjoyed equally by both vegans and nonvegans.

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